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Genetics seminar 3

May 2023 : The dominant theme of the month will be Genetics.

Three Tuesdays dedicated about it presented by Dr Stefano Paolo Marelli, MSc, PhD Department of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, Univeristy of Milan.

Free seminars if your Club is an ICC-Member (List of Club-Members available on our website)& for ICC-Individual Members

Register here to join this 3rd Seminar about Selection Strategies

How to join this seminar ?

  1. Create a “ZOOM” Account
  2. Click on the link above
  3. You will be approved by email

    These 3 seminars costs 25 euro for everyone who want to join.
    – seminar 1 and 2 are done –

    If you have already paid and join the 1st and 2nd seminar : You have nothing to pay, you just need to register yourself with the link above.

    If you want to join the third seminar you need to pay 25euro :

    Payement could be done by
    bank transfer (IBAN : CH31 8080 8009 4119 4970 4)
    or Paypal (

    You have to announce your participation and proof of payement by email
    before the 29th May 23 :
Genetics seminar 3 – ICC

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