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International Chihuahua Club


Welcome on The International Chihuahua Club website !

It’s just the beginning of an important project and we need the support of every clubs around the world to see this cooperation taking shape. 2022 and 2023 will be "key years" for ICC, its start-up and promotion and it’s why we need you now !

In 2023 will take place the first ICC-Show during the World Dog Show week in Geneva, Switzerland.
Looking forward to it !

For our common passion, for our common love of the breed and to protect and preserve the Chihuahua, feel welcome to join the International Chihuahua Club !

First ICC Show

ICC-KCS Specialty show

Specialities dog shows connected to the WDS are now open!
KCS (SWISS TOY DOG CLUB) will host the first "ICC-Show" for Chihuahuas!

3 shows on the same show venue!

WED 23/08/2023
All Breeds International Dog Show CAC/CACIB

SAT 26/08/2023
ICC-KCS Chihuahua Speciality CAC

SUN 27/08/2023
World Dog Show CAC/CACIB


Created by a group of enthusiastic breeders and judges,
the ICC has for goal to unite all Chihuahua Clubs and Friends around the world.

Our goal is to promote the communication, friendship and cooperation between the official breed clubs,
to establish guidelines about breeding and judging, to strive together
for the purity, the health and the character of the breed.


Communication. Friendship. Cooperation.

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